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We offer Notary Public services for attestation and notarisation of documents in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.   We operate at a boutique firm which has been providing a wide range of legal services in a bustling business hub in Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya since 2008.

We have recently been added Trusted Malaysia's list of the best-notary-public-malaysia


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Who is a Notary Public?

A unique class of its own

A Notary Public has at least 15 years in continuous practice in the legal profession in Malaysia.  Notaries Public in Malaysia are appointed by The Attorney General's Chambers Malaysia and are governed by the Notaries Public Act 1959.

Our Services

How We Can Help You

Notaries Public are internationally recognised witnesses

whose primary functions include the authentication and

attestation of documents to be used abroad.

If you require notarised documents to be used outside of Malaysia,

then Malaysia Notary can help you. 

Our services include  :-

administration of oaths and affirmations for affidavits and statutory declarations

proving the due execution of documents

certifiying documents (eg passports, identity cards, certificates

Leave us a message along with your contact number or email in Let's Chat! and our Notary shall get back to you soon.  

Affirmation of Oaths

A Malaysian Notary Public has the power to administer or affirm affidavits or statutory declarations which are executed for the purpose of being used in any court or place outside Malaysia.

Legal Representation

Our Fees

Customised service

At Malaysia Notary, we strive to provide our clients with efficient same day notarial services to suit their needs at affordable rates. An integral part of our services is to understand and work closely with our clients so that they can make the right decisions with respect to their notarial needs.

Legal Advice

Other Services

With our experience in legal drafting and procedure, we also offer these services to better serve your needs :-

- drafting of Wills, Trust Deeds and Power of Attorney

- drafting and editing of legal contracts, letters and other documents

- vetting of legal contracts and letters

- non-official translation of documents (English and Bahasa Malaysia)

- general editorial work

Legal Aid
Making Notes

Our Fees

Our Fees for notarisation services start from RM35.00 per document. 

Fees for the Other Services depend on the range or type of work required.

Please contact us to get a quotation by leaving us a message along with your contact number or email in Let's Chat and we shall get back to you soon.


Call our Notary Public for an appointment

61B, 2nd Floor, Jalan SS 21/60
47400 Petaling Jaya

+603-7728 3350 / +60122240238

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